Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's your career?

History is but a rolling stone placed on the rusty joints of time. When it is broken down into shades and shards of events we see that history is simply the biographies of men and women who were not afraid to live for something unique and were not also afraid to die defending it. Remember Luther!
This force of passion within the hearts of the light bearers of history was their purpose. They put the vague concept of purpose on the wheel of time and made it their carriers, their careers. Purpose put in motion becomes a career, a blessing in disguise, like it was to those guys in our historical archives. Think Michael Jackson, for example, and you immediately think of pop, or think pop, for a moment, and you will, even if you dont want to, immediately think of Michael. The event therefore is the mirror image of the individual, making the bond inseperable. Consider Einstein for a while and see if science wont ring in your  mind. Science was not his spouse, it was only his career. The same goes for Maradona. You can't think of maradona without thinking of football. He never invented the game, he only made it his career.
In all therefore, you see that when you think of anything, you think of somebody. Just as you can't seperate things from people, you cant seperate successful people from their careers. Successful people make their careers their brand.
When people think of you what do they think of?