When I was a boy, I discovered that i was a polymath. After a series of trials and errors, I found out that doing a single thing cannot make me happy. That discovery of myself has spared me castles of regrets. Today, I voyage through a byway that only a few have dared to travel through.
                At first it was not easy for me. I had to get used to being called all sorts of names. Some people even called me a ‘mad philosopher’! At first this disturbed me until I discovered that Nikola Tesla was also called a ‘mad scientist’. Still I had to cope with myself especially with my eccentric inclinations and my workaholic tendencies. I had to cope with being called a nerd and being treated as weird. I had to learn to create and live in my own world.
              Today, I am a student, an inventor, a poet, a philosopher, a speaker, a consultant, a thinker, a business man, a peripathetic, a novelist, an artist, an ethnologist, a biographer...   
             This blog is unlike other blogs you probably have visited. It is a compilation of my thoughts on multifarious issues pertaining to human existence. The human nature, for me, has been a source of awe; its gnomic tendencies have generated a lot of questions which I have deliberately set out to solve. I embarked on a journey to understand the human nature several years ago-a journey which indeed has no end, because the complexity of the human nature agglomerates with each day of discovery. There is never an end to the mysteries and miseries of man. This blog could therefore be anything you call it. (It is everything and nothing). It contains my poetry, Photography, Ideas, essays and various other things that cannot be named. As you read, be open-minded and creative; think deeply and out of the box; be ready to cry and be ready to laugh also.
Come with me as I take through my world of weirdness and madness.