There once arose-
A negative thought in my heart
It grew amongst the rose
Day by day it my way did thwart

It started as a little thought of hate
Against one of my foe
Little did I know that at a timely date-
I would reap what I did sow

Day by day
The thought did grow
It polluted each word I did say;
It never allowed me to speak well of that foe

After some time
It had grown wild
And after another while
My life had become uncertain as the tide

When I realized, it was too late
For even though it started as a seed,
That little thought of hate
Has grown into a forest of weed.


                                                              REVIEW OF THE POEM

    This poem could only have been written by John. It satirically epitomizes the repercussion of a psychological aberration using poetic unambiguity.  Its layout and  choice of language straddles between the ancient and the contemporary. In all ramifications, the poem sets out to suggest to you that hatred is like a coal of fire in the bosom of its possessor. It does no good and cannot appease anger. Only love, a positive force, can. The message therefore is that hatred is a seed that must grow when planted. The best time to cure hatred is at the point of inception, if not, it grows wild and paralyzes and contaminates the heart of its bearer. Evil cannot bring forth good neither can it eliminate evil so stop the hatred.
                                                                                                    - Polymath magazine.