Monday, October 4, 2010


I am drowning in myself
And I wish I can get out of this lake of despair
Thoughts race to and fro my heart
And I see ghosts every now and then
They whisper to me from behind the curtain walls
They tell me things I should not know
They signal to me from behind the veil
They lead me to places I should not go

I have walked through this valley of death
And now I fear no evil
I have lived with these ghosts for many years
And so I fear no devil
When shall I now begin to see
Without any doubt
These things that speak to me from another realm
When shall I begin to see those mouths that laugh
From behind the veil of my curtain hem
When shall I see those faces that men dread
Talk face to face with me
And when shall I say 'I have heard'

Tell me when
'Cos i have reached my limits
Tell me when
Because i can bear this no more.

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