Saturday, December 4, 2010

At the ariport

Right now I’m in the airport steering profusely for a sit and staring at the ‘puzzled faces’ I see. The puzzles seem so lucid on their faces and I wish I could help out with their personal incubi, but I will not, because if I do, I might miss my flight, besides I am not from Samaria!
        As I sit down to offer a more impalpable help: churn my intellect for solutions, I behold a scene which I don’t think I want to miss. There is this tall and chubby guy arguing with a female staff at the counter. This little argument gradually agglomerates and aggravates from an altercation to a provocation. The man is now angry. I can see him telling the lady not to annoy him. He is pointing his fingers straight at her eyes warning her over and over again. I imagine what could occur if his fingers turned into a shot gun. As I perambulate in my mind thinking that the argument will end like the dialogue between Aristotle and Plato, I am so wrong. The hefty guy drops his suitcase and clenches his fist. (The spontaneity of the action was so masterfully calibrated that I almost thought I was sitting in a cinema). As the lady stands up to leave, he resists her, ordering her to sit in the sit and attend to him. It is at this point that I discover I am not the only one watching the scene. Black berries had become lap berries and laptops had become table tops as everyone's attention was on the locus of the happening. In a twinkle of an eye the altercation soon degenerates into a fight, I beg ur pardon, into an oppression. The watchers soon role-switch and became the watched: everyone gets up to help the poor lady from being beaten up by the desperate macho man who had just missed his flight because of some issues. You can trust me, I didn’t stand up all through the while this was going on. It will not be nice to testify tomorrow ‘a Sunday’ that I arrived at the airport as a complete being but left on a wheel chair because I was trying to save a benign lady from the radar of an atrocious man. God forbid.   
       Did the scene end well? well, I won’t tell you now, I want you to guess first.  Send your guesses as comments below and keep checking this blog to know if you are correct. 


Emerald said...

anyways, i think security arrested the 'machoman'and they took him away....nice blog man

Missy me said...

lemme guess turned into world war 111 and evri 1 had to hide.
did u c d old woman dat dropped her bag nd wanted to fight? dat was awesome....
buh i wonder if d guy still got to travel.