Sunday, November 7, 2010


        Many people are selfish and egocentric.They refuse to accept that each person is entitled to their intellectual rights on their opinions and views.  
       It doesn’t make any sense to some people that a tree does not make up a forest and a man does not make up a community. 
        (The right to live is a universal entitlement that no one should steal from another!)
       There are several ways you can steal the life of another. Weaponry of outrage and fatalism is surely one way, but indeed, it is the least ubiquitous of ways. The several ways that are overlooked by many are the most debilitating and callous of ways. Starving someone of love is the most acrimonious of ways; refusing to listen to someone else's views is another; starving somebody of happiness is yet another...there are so many. We tend to overlook them, may be, because the victim does not die physically but who says the victim does not die in spirit or in soul?
         The neglect of many of these silent killers is what makes the world a terrifying place to live in. A world where parents want to have it their own way, not caring about what their children have to say, ( they feel they have biological rights to control the lives of their children); A world where employers don’t care about the feelings of their employees,( they see themselves as humans and their employees as machines!); A world where leaders don’t care about the feelings of their followers, ( they are quick to chop off the hands that cast the votes)...
       Making the world a better place does not only mean dropping our guns and ammunition- that will be one way, but most importantly, we have to annihilate our selfishness and hardheartedness, afterall guns do not shoot themselves and bombs do not throw themselves! We need to be perceptive to the feelings of others bearing in mind that we all are co-inhabitants of the world. We need to start showing appreciation to others, genuinely. Even when we correct, let us do it with love, lets not do it with slanderous or denigrating vocabulary. We need to offer our ears and hands to others, lets be others' ears and hands. Lets love until it hurts. A wise man once said "If i love until it hurts then there will be no more hurts, only love". Lets love until it hurts.
      When we start living a healthy life- a life of love, we won’t need to visit any physician, we won’t require wrinkle removers, we won’t need psychologists, we won’t need pain killers, we won’t need these any more.
       Let’s start today always bearing in mind that no one is too small or too big or too rich or too poor to be loved. 
       Lets make love our legal tender today.

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