Sunday, November 7, 2010


I have discovered through my endless voyage that our worries will be few and numbered if we become less critical about life. The truth is that life is not inscrutable; it only requires time and lots of patience.
           At a point in time, my life was on the reverse gear, on the fast lane, and I had lost grip with the brakes. I had so many problems with life that my whole world seemed to crumble around me. I cavorted endlessly through life and every attempt I made was a nose dive into a precipice. My life was bleak and bedevilled with the arrows of regret and every step of the way was yet another back slide into a landslide of regrets. Every passing day I was on a life slide and every prospective thoroughfare was always another road block. I went on grumbling and mumbling and fumbling and tumbling through life, I dangled like a swinging pendulum that was in dissonance with simple harmonic motion. I argued with every notion that life and people began to lose value for me...
             But then, after so many toils and struggles, I finally was able to swim against the evil tide to the shore and this did not occur until I apprehended some basal truths about life. It took me time, but I had to come to terms with the fact that a problem is not a predicament and a predicament is not is problem. I discovered that i had to start attaching value to my life, i had to start seeing my life as a gift.
         Life truly is a gift.
         A gift is accepted not because of its size or glamour or anything else but because of the intention behind the giving. After all, you will prefer a flower from a trusted friend than even a car from a slanderer. The value attached to a gift, amongst other things, is a function of the role or significance it plays and the hole it occupies in the receivers heart. In a time of famine, a richly filled bag of food is a better gift than a well filled bag of riches. 
          If you start looking at your life as a gift, you will stop having problems with life and life will reciprocate your kind gesture.
       A gift brings smiles; start putting smiles on the faces of people wherever you go.
       A gift serves a purpose; start serving a purpose in the world.
       A gift connects the giver and the receiver; start connecting the world to the creator.
       A gift beautifies; start beautifying the lives of people around you.
      A gift adds value; start adding value to the world.
        The truth therefore is that life is a gift and the value you attach to your life will determine the value that the world will attach to you. Moreover, the creator keeps watching you to reward you according to how much you love his gift.

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